TESTIMONIALS No. 4: A. S. (Office Employee, Male, Age 20s)

Q1. What kind of problems (for example, shoulder or lower back) did you have before receiving Rolfing sessions?

Length between my shoulders were narrow and back of my shoulders were rounded.

Q2. What happened after you had received 10 sessions? What was solved and what did you recognized the differences?

I could understand after receiving each Rolfing session that I feel the lengthening of my spine. Also I recognized that I was not using my toes of my feet when I walk and that had improved. My whole body feels lighter now!

Q3. What kind of people do you recommend Rolfing sessions?

To those who are desk workers and had unique walking habits (‘bow legged type walking’ and area of the arch is low)

Q4. To those who are interested in Rolfing…

You will feel the lightness in your body after session!

    January 2016
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