TESTIMONIALS No. 5: R. M. (Freelancer, Male, Age 20s)

Q1. What kind of problems (for example, shoulder or lower back) did you have before receiving Rolfing sessions?

I had problems with lower back pain, sore shoulder, and stiffness in the back neck. In addition, I have a habit to lean on heels and outside part of my leg. But from long ago, I had no clue on fixing these problems.


Q2. What happened after you had received 10 sessions? What was solved and what did you recognized the differences?

Like I mentioned before, my habit to lean on heels and outside part of my leg had changed completely. It was very hard for me to fix this so it was so surprising! Also, when I finished 10 sessions, I feel there is one beautiful ‘center line’ in the body. This lead to improvement in my lower back, shoulder and neck. 

There was also changes in my mental side. In a Rolfing session, it does not deal with psychological issues, but realizing the change in the posture lead to widening the space within by body, and my mind had similar effect. I became honest with myself and gotten close to my natural, desired state.

My change in both mind and body, affected my personal relationship with people surrounding me. I was able to improve the relationship that I had trouble with. This was definitely effect from receiving Rolfing.

In addition, apart from Rolfing, I was able to experience Source Point Therapy which was very good. Facilitation of ‘Self healing’ had occurred and body just organized itself automatically. It was luxurious to have both Rolfing and Source Point Therapy at the same time while I was receiving 10 sessions.


Q3. What kind of people do you recommend Rolfing sessions?

I recommend to all of people no matter the occupation, age or gender.  A person who is either suffering from physical conditions or not, all have some certain kinds of physical habits that eventually lead to trouble in their body. That may appear to be strong pain or weak sensation like stiffness, or even sensation that you have not realized yet.

From receiving Rolfing sessions, I was able to understand subtle sensation within my body which allowed me to improve my unharmonious body. In addition, what is so great about Rolfing is that once you receive a session, it will not return to the old pattern, instead the change in the body maintains.

Most of the massages and chiropractic therapies changes temporary but comes back to where it started. But Rolfing will not return to old state since you will be able to be aware of your body usage. I think it is great program for every one.

Q4. To those who are interested in Rolfing…

If you are interested in it, that means it is a sign that body and mind is requesting to change. Hidefumi is providing ‘trial’ session, so I recommending having one! I started ‘trial’ session first, and by accepting the advice from Hidefumi the physical habits that I have, I decided to align my body and started 10 sessions.  

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