TESTIMONIALS No. 7: S. T. (House wife, Female, Age 30s)

After receiving final session from Hidefumi,

I said to myself

‘I am glad I came here!’

I certainly feel lightness in both my body and my mind.

When I read back the memo that Hidefumi took during the past session, I was very moved.

The great thing about Hidefumi’s Rolfing is he approaches other than body. I had an habit of ‘denying myself’ for 36 years, and by collaboration with practitioner, and my ‘never give up mind’ was able to change my mind. It was a collaboration effort…

After the 4th session, my outer part of the body had gradually peeled off and my real self came in.

And, in the 6th session, real me came up and Hidefumi told me ‘Finally you have expressed your own feelings’.

Body had steadily became connected and forward/back/left/right, I feel like there is a sensor in each direction, and I feel there is a center line!

I recommend Hidefumi’s Rolfing to not only physical problems but also whoever had problems in their mind.

I feel like I had carried 1000 liters of water in my rucksack when I first met Hidefumi, but since then, I was able to unload the weight.

In the final session, I was able to skip, since my mind and body felt lighter!

I was happy to hear from Hidefumi to ‘Don’t forget to praise your self!’.

From my changes, people surrounds me also changed. And now, I am living a normal life with great people.

My life had just begun!

In only 3 months, I am so surprised to see this much change. I’d like to thank Hidefumi for providing me not only Rolfing but others and I experienced precious time with him.

Last, I like to praise myself.

Hidefumi was introduced from my friend and I decided to meet with him.

That was the critical decision, and I think I made a great decision. I am glad that I could express my strong opinion, and would like to say thanks for that!

    February 2016
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