TESTIMONIALS No. 9: T. U. (Freelance Broadcaster, Female, Age 30s)

What I had changed after receiving 10 sessions there were changes as follows:

  • Even I stand for long period of time, I do not feel the tiredness as before (I predict that there is not much tension in my muscle).
  • I feel better vibration of my voice in the body.
  • I could feel much better when I am taking the ‘backbend’ poses.
  • The sensation of the back of my feet towards the earth had became much more subtle.

I could not feel the changes until session 3, but gradually step by step I felt the balance in the sensation of my body.

I predict that aligning the body led to clearing up my mind. Now I am much clearer on what I’d like to do.

From spring season, I was able to change my lifestyle, dramatically, and this was an effect from taking 10 sessions.

Body and Mind, I feel the connection!!


    March 2016
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