TESTIMONIALS No. 10: C. K. (Office Employee, Female, Age 30s)

My biggest changes after I had taken Rolfing is my ‘mind’.

I had closed my heart all my life until now and after finishing 10 sessions, my breast had begun to open and I was able to open to the world. It is like having a lot warm heart in my breast.

And at the present, I fell enjoyed involving with people!

I had an issue with my mind, so I had to take medical drugs, received counseling/healing session, and I continuously approached to my mind, but unfortunately there were no changes. When I had approached my mind from Rolfing, it was very effective, and it felt like my life had reborn!

Now I could understand why body is important. I was not sensitive to hearing my own inner body voice, and since I could feel the body senses, I’d like to now move my body.

During my 10 series, I had many kind of feelings and sometimes I felt sad. The great thing was that the session was safe, and followed up so I was in a safe atmosphere.

On top of that, the best thing is that Rolfing guides me to be independent of practitioner.

Hidefumi has the knowledge and experience so he supported me both from body and mind prospective and the specific action that I take.

I’d like to say many thanks for that.

I hope that many people will enjoy wonderful journey of Rolfing!


    March 2016
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