TESTIMONIALS No. 14: K. M. (Musician, Female, Age, 40s)

When I play the musical instrument, my body ‘misalign’. Thus finding a suitable chiropractor was a must. I was interested in Rolfing since it was economical (limited to 10 session) and approach to fascia interested me. So I started from ‘trial’ session.

After 3 to 4 sessions, I felt ease in my body, and by that time, I only gone to chiropractor once a month. Now none!

Even a the beginning of the session, I felt comfort in the touch. I heard from others that there are sometimes pain in the session, but I did not felt it at all.

As session progressed, mind body connection became clearer. Thus my vision also became clearer. I got to the idea about opening my new salon ‘Karaku’ during this process.

As I approached to 10th session, I did not want to stop. So I extended couple of sessions. My spine was aligned so I asked my Rolfer to have my throat for my soreness in the voice and hands which had an ache due to playing instrument (Harp) approached.

This was my first time having my mind approached from my body, and I highly recommend Rolfing to all people!

    July 2016
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