TESTIMONIALS No. 17: C. N. (Voice Narrator, Female, Age, 40s)

I had the opportunity to take Rolfing 6 months, usually after finishing my work at TV studio.

Studio ZERO is located in Shibuya, Tokyo. Today was my 10th session, and I had received a Preserved Flower gift as a gift for my graduation.


In the past, ROLFING was recommended from Fritz Perls, one of the well known models in Neurological Programming (NLP), a genius therapist. He had felt the effectiveness of it and spread the bodywork to the world.

The body aligns so that the body sensation changes, thus be able to decide by your own your own life. By combining coaching method along with bodywork, this is possible. Also it can improve the skill of ‘law of attraction’ too.

ROLFING is not known that much but the core members of NLP and coaching members knew about ROLFING and it is used as an approach to re-write the mind set.

Hidefumi’s life mission is to increase the number of people who feel happiness at the same time taking responsibility for their own life. He is yoga practitioner, I think he is a magician when linking mind and spirituality.

Considering Hidefumi’s oversea living experience, academic career, and marketing background in a pharmaceutical company, I think he has various experience in business. Also he has excellent coaching skills! He provided all of this skill on top of Rolfing that he learned in Germany.

During the session, I had 50 hours of coaching session, and he helped me to prepare myself body and mind to a new stage.

And today was my graduation from ROLFING!

The thinking and speaking habit that I had was written in the notes of the first session, the stiffness in the body, breathing, balance in the walking, all had changed!!! This allowed my mind, body, and spirituality to united into one. This all had affected my daily life!!

Hidefumi, thank you very much!

    June 2017
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