ROLFING is limited to 10 sessions

There are many types of manual therapies including Acupuncture, Qigong, Yoga and Shiatsu that can help align your body.

Among the bodywork that I had described, what is so unique about Rolfing?

The uniqueness of Rolfing is that there is an ending.


Most of the muscular-skeletal pain conditions that arise from postural habits and un-rehabilitated injuries cannot be solved by either massages and manual therapies, and many clients will depend too much on them without having to approach to a root cause.

Rolfing format is 10 sessions, and guide the client to be independent to practitioner after they had finished 10 sessions. Of course, some of the clients come for a maintenance sessions,

By collaborating with the Rolfer, and providing 10 series format, it will be possible to bring awareness towards the body.

Rolfing focuses on relationship with ‘gravity’.

The reason is because ‘gravity’ is apparent in our world even though we cannot see it.

I had the opportunity to have TV coverage in May 2018 (sorry this is in English).

In that program, I was able to let one of the TV celebrities Mr. Tatsuro Degawa, introduce the idea of what is aligned posture.

The ‘correct’ Posture has only one answer. But ‘natural’ posture, has many answers. It differs from client to client. since each individual has different structure and also belief system in their bodies.

In addition, it is important to feel the change in the body rather that to think about the change in the body.

From my experience, it is difficult for a client to find ‘natural’ posture by themselves so as a Rolfer, my job is to find ‘natural’ posture by collaborating with client by using the 10 series format.

The point is relationship with ‘gravity’.

sky hook

By considering the relationship with ‘gravity’ and use hands on approach to the fascia – connective tissue for aligning the body, it is possible for the body to change even after 10 series is completed.

Rolfing is like having a coach guiding each client to find their own ‘natural’ alignment.

By completing 10 sessions, clients will be able to listen to inner voice of your body, understand the posture habits and can figure out for themselves what is requires to solve their issues.

If you are hesitated to start your first Rolfing sessions, I am offering ‘trial’ sessions. Thus, if you are interested in Rolfing session, please contact us.

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