TESTIMONIAL No. 1: A. T. (Alexander Technique Teacher, Male, Age 30s)

What I do for a living is teaching Alexander Technique, a type of a bodywork. I had been involved in this technique for over 7 years.

Usually, I am also a Yoga Instructor, and so as a profession, I observe my own body as well as student’s. Most of my time is devoted to the subtle part of the body usage. For that reason, I feel confident in understanding about the body knowledge and its usage. Since this is not perfect method and while I seek for other bodywork, I already heard about Rolfing in the process.

I had the opportunity to experience from Hidefumi, Rolfing 10 series and the experience had an impact on me so I’d like to share my own experience.

First of all, I’d like to say that Rolfing did not have an impact at first, but it was like a gradual effect.

First couple of sessions, i.e. sleeve sessions, rather than feeling the big change, it had small subtle changes on me. I felt breathing was much freer and it is strange to say this but I felt the body place where I have not recognized before. During this time, there were not much of a change, but I felt something beneath my body that popping out that wanted to change and I had a feeling that it will come out in the future.

After moving into the core part, it had changed from anticipation to conviction.

I felt my connection to my legs were very weak at start, and my weakness was on how to move my leg in subtle level. Before Rolfing, I had experienced ballet and dance during my yoga practice. During the process, I felt heaviness in the movement in the legs compared to other body part, and there needed to be an ‘effort’ when I needed to have movement.

Step by step by Hidefumi’s approach towards the core, it became clearer the connection between leg and upper body, and there were big changes in the yoga practice which I did along the way. I was able to do a yoga pose in which leg and upper body movement was required (i.e. In a seated position, while breathing and leg extended, move to an inverted position, using Psoas Major muscle; this is advanced level pose) , which it was first time I was able to do. I had been challenging this but it was the first time ever that I had succeeded!

In the middle of the Rolfing session, I had a big success in yoga poses and in the last 3 integrated sessions, I felt that body started to organize to where it belongs, and I felt whole body integrated at the end.

Other than that, I felt the psychological changes, and I feel safe and stable much more than before. I receive much more feedback from others that ‘you look much more masculine’ and I am happy for it.

In that process maybe this is due to other than Rolfing, but while I had experienced integration session, with no doubt, I felt the psychological stableness in my body senses.

Finally, Hidefumi had not only provided sessions to me but also taken care of my psychological care, thus felt safe during each session.

I’d like to say thanks to Hidefumi!

    October 2015
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