TESTIMONIALS No. 12: K. S. (Office Employee, Male, Age, 20s)


Hidefumi always had been very kind and helpful to me since I was a university student (5 years ago), and I obtained information that Hidefumi is having a training in Germany for Rolfing. So I decided after he came back from overseas, to take his session.



I was struggling to have something to do with the work that I was not convinced with, and even if I try to take action, I could not get results and I was very impatient with myself.

I am also managing an organization which I think does not have ‘center’ thinking in it, and I was in a loop hole on how to figure this out.



I think Hidefumi’s Rolfing is just a bonus.

I think the value of this service lies on the counseling/coaching before and after the Rolfing session. In the coaching session, he listens to client’s problems, straighten things out and guide to its solution. Rolfing is a means that facilitates this process easily.

Rolfing free the body and helps discover the ‘center line’ of the body and counseling free the mind and discover the ‘center line’ of the mind. Learning to understand the link between mind and body enables to have a foundation within yourself. That is Hidefumi’s Rolfing. I heard that he will raise the price of the session and I think it is well worth it. I do not think there are this kind of service and I think it is cheap.

It hurt a lot during the session and I even screamed!

But after the 9th session, suddenly it had changed. The pain had gone. Body became more flexible. I will not forget this kind of body sensation. It had definitely changed!



The flow was to take ‘trial’ session and head on to Rolfing 10 Series, but it took a long time before I was able to get to ‘trial’ session. Probably approximately 8 hours. I think I am the only one that took that much time.

Total of at least 10 full hours of counseling, and sometimes it started at night time and ended around early morning. Hidefumi did not give advice at all, saying ‘Do you have something to say that you haven’t mentioned?’ ‘It is OK to take your time, so settle down and when you are ready please talk’. In that way he guided me to find for myself what was the problem and its solution.




Before and during Rolfing session, I was a very ‘controllable’ person. When something terrible happens, I blame it on others. ‘Why do they do not do as I told him to’ and why does he gets me irritated, etc. I always think like that.

But after Rolfing, the dramatic changes occurred.

First of all, senior colleague of mine in the company who I hated, complained and made sarcastic remarks to me, started to praise on me. Did he change? No, I think I had changed.

In the organization where I am managing, I started to think and take action before requesting to others, so am not getting irritated now. Since ‘Why do they do not do as I told him to do’ is a issue of ‘my way of sending message’ and difference of ‘reaching to a common ground’. So in that way I was able to improve. So I got to know that I lack communication skills.



The biggest change was on the body. My arched back was improved, and was able to bring attention to my posture. Many people praised my posture had improved. Also, I sense an upper body fit into my lower body. I was able to perceive ‘center line’

I do many sports including baseball, tennis, golf and basketball, and all of my performance improved. I think without the sense of ‘center line’ there are no improvement and results every if you practice a lot.

I strongly recommend Rolfing if you are doing sports.



My organization is ’providing health information to the public’. Before I started Rolfing, I did not understand what is the objective of this organization, what to do, and my goal was vague. I did not know what to do!

When I received Rolfing or to say rather counseling from Hidefumi, it had dramatically improved.

I decided to do what I do not want to do and asked for some people to leave the organization if the objective does not match.

So, I got to my center core of the organization ‘Increase the number of people who can be independent and think for themselves’.

I am in the progress of having a seminar and event through this objective.



What is my ‘center line’? I think I had found this during the Rolfing session.

I am a team player rather than individual player, and like to get things done with team members. In game, sports and in work as well. I used the word ‘KISUNA’ (means ties/bond in Japanese) during my job hunt which shows what I mean. I’d like to pursue ‘KIZUNA’ as a center line when I like to go further on.



After taking Rolfing session, I think it had changed my life, also it made me make adjustment to bring back to my normal path. It had positive impact on me, and I’d like to say thanks for it and bringing my life to where it belongs. I strongly recommend to all!

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