TESTIMONIALS No. 19: Dai Saotome -Improvement of range of motion led to widening of my sight, and now I sense differently

I had completed Rolfing 10 series today, starting from January 2019.🌟

I had received my first Rolfing session two and a half years ago, and received support from him.

This was my second time I receive from Hidefumi who I trust.💓

The session skills were upgraded and my range of motion had improved as well as my posture.

When I look at my picture, I feel like my height had lengthen!😍

And, I realized from the improvement of range of motion that my sight had widened, and I sense differently the things and events that occurs around me. 💗

Before each session, I had exchanged communication with Hidefumi, and there were wide range of prospective that I had realized, so I was looking forward to it. 🤗

In addition, from Chinese 5 element meridian theory, I was able to receive advice on how to apply this to daily life.🌟

It was great to receive10 sessions during the change of era (REIWA) in 2019 in Japan. ❣️

Hidefumi, thank you very much.💞

I look forward to seeing you again!

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