Body and mind connection: Bringing positive personal transformation at emotional level through body approach

Rolfing focuses on ‘the matter that can be observed’ rather than ‘the matter that cannot be seen’.
Dr. Ida Rolf, who started Rolfing quoted

‘I work on bodies because that’s what I can put my hands on’

Rolfing focuses on ‘natural’ alignment.

In general, most people think ‘appropriate’ ‘inappropriate’ posture is important rather than ‘natural’ alignment.

The reason is because proper posture is educated unconsciously.

People build their own ‘stature’ through influences from parents, school teachers, cooperate organization.

We learn from them, ‘What is the correct/appropriate posture?’ and ‘What is wrong and what is right?’

In this way, we prioritize more on the brain than inner body voice and as a consequence, we unconsciously adapt a muscular-skeletal pain condition.

Posture is affected from ‘belief system’ and ‘psychological’ issues thus even if you go to manual therapist, it will only be a quick fix, if you cannot solve these problems.

Rolfing deals with body which can be seen rather that ‘belief system and ‘psychological’ issues which cannot be observed.

And together with the practitioner, seeks a ‘natural’ alignment so that indirectly transform the ‘belief system and ‘psychological’ issues.

I’d like to emphasize that Rolfing is not a psychological therapy. Though I am trained as a coach in CTI Coaches Institute and sometimes I provide in combination with coaching, I am not a trained psychotherapist. However, the effect of changing the posture from old to new pattern can provide positive personal transformation at an emotional level.

In fact, many clients choose Rolfing at the timing where their life is changing, or they would like it to.

If you would like to experience ‘natural’ alignment within your body, I am offering ‘trial’ sessions. Please contact us.

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