TESTIMONIALS No 3: K. H. (Office Employee, Female, Age 30s)

Q1. What kind of problems (for example, shoulder or lower back) did you have before receiving Rolfing sessions?

I did not have any pain or trouble that affects my daily life, but far away from healthy life. So, I decided to choose Rolfing as a means to bring my mind and body to a healthy state.


Q2. What happened after you had received 10 sessions? What was solved and what did you recognized the differences?

There were changes in both mind and body.


First, I’d like to mention from body aspects:

Basically, my body feels much more lighter

X-leg had improved

Center of my gravity had became more steady and my leg and lower back had become more stable.

In my daily life, I understand more where to move my body (and where to stretch)

I did not like to take exercise, but now I like to move my body!

When I sing, I could speak out much better than before.


Second, from mind aspects:

I was able to detach myself from ‘negative feelings’ – which was one of my principle of action

I am not affected too much from most of the things occur in daily life,  that has nothing to do with me


And from here, what is so interesting about Rolfing (including Source Point Therapy, which Hidefumi also added in my session) is:

I cannot write about specific episode about my experience and unfortunately it will be expressed in abstract terms, like ‘Gradually ‘trust’ is rising from inside between divided mind and body’ ‘ ‘Body had recognized mind (me) as a partner’ I think it is just a beginning…

I’d like to nourish my relationship with my body…


Q3. What kind of people do you recommend Rolfing sessions?

I recommend all of the people who suffers from chronic pain, and especially recommend from my experience, ‘A person who has strong negative emotions towards the body due to diseases and complex (psychological)  in the past. 


Q4. To those who are interested in Rolfing…

The timing is when you think ‘I’d like to have Rolfing’!

I think the timing and ‘EN’ (EN(縁) in Japanese meaning ’ties’ as in human relationship) is important, and hope that you enjoy!

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