TESTIMONIALS No.8: M. M. (Entrepreneur and Argentina Tango Dancer, Male, Age 40s)

Q1. What kind of problems (for example, shoulder or lower back) did you have before receiving Rolfing sessions?

I had a lower back problem and the pain had returned recently.

Q2. What happened after you had received 10 sessions? What was solved and what did you recognized the differences?

I feel much better now and had forgotten that I had a back problem. My total body balance, especially the location of the neck and posture of my walking had improved.

Q3. What kind of people do you recommend Rolfing sessions?

A person who would like to totally balance their body. Athletes and Dancer who like to improve their balance and would like to level up their performance.

Q4. To those who are interested in Rolfing…

I think it is worth trying Rolfing!

    March 2016
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