TESTIMONIALS No. 18: Akiko Kishi – My shoulder ache and lower back pain had improved and able to dance easily.

I got interested in Rolfing from my Salsa dancer, Mitsue.

I was a massage and chiropractic ‘gypsy’ after I had started working in a company.

I did not like the impression of massage or chiropractic approach since I had to go to fix, and I felt attractive that Rolfing has an ending with 10 session.

After receiving Rolfing, my shoulder ache and lower back pain had improved, was able to dance easily.

Right after the Rolfing session, or next day, when I dance Salsa, I was praised from my dancing partner about my stability of my center line, and was able to dance easily (laughter)

I could feel the ‘center line’ each time I took sessions.

I did not understand from Salsa lessons when teacher told me to bring awareness towards ‘center line’. But after Rolfing session, I was able to understand the ‘center line’ within my body.

Also, I experienced during the 10 sessions, changes in the mind after the body had changed.

Thanks to the 10 sessions, I was able not to decrease my motivation for work and was able not to quit my job!

In addition, my human relationship within the company gotten better.

I recommend Rolfing not only to dancers but who does not do dancing.

    November 2017
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