Find a ‘natural’ alignment and balance within your body: the solution lies within the client

Rolfing is designed for each client to find a way for themselves ‘Natural’ and ‘balanced’ posture within their body.

Rolfing focuses on three postures – ‘sitting’ ‘standing’ and ‘walking’

I had the opportunity to have TV coverage at my session room in May 2018 (sorry this is in Japanese).

Mr Nambara asked me what I was doing and I answered

‘I am working on fascia’

‘Body knows where it should be and I am just helping to guide it’

Body parts knows where they belong but usually they are stuck in other place.

Rolfing approach considers ‘the solution lies within the body’ by listening to the body’s voice.

So in a way, I combine both ‘natural’ posture and ‘sitting’ ‘standing’ and ‘walking’ as a guide to find a solution to the problem for each client.

Most of the people around the globe goes other way around.

We get educated through parents, school teachers, and cooperation while we grow up.

‘What is the correct/appropriate posture?’

‘What is wrong and what is right?’

Posture is educated through people, and in this way, we prioritize more on the brain rather than on inner body voice.

Eventually, we use our brain to determine whether posture is appropriate or inappropriate.

We all know that knowledge about our human body is limited. If you try to adapt anatomy and think through it, there is a chance that we may get lost.

What is important is ‘natural’ posture.

Appropriate and inappropriate posture has only one answer but ‘natural’ posture there are many answers and it depends on the client.

Unfortunately we do not learn about ‘natural’ posture at elementary school.

Rolfing approaches to fascia – connective tissue in our body and through practitioner’s touch body recognize the place where it belongs and moves by itself. As a consequence, body restores ‘natural’ alignment.

If you would like to experience ‘natural’ alignment within your body, I am offering ‘trial’ sessions. Please contact us for details.


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